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This page includes information on TOA Canada's: Corporate Office; Regional Sales Managers; Technical Support; Warranty Guidelines; Replacement Parts; Return Authorization; and Find a Dealer

Corporate Office

TOA Canada Corporation
Address: 3670 Odyssey Drive, Unit  #1, Mississauga, ON, L5M 0Y9
Phone #:  1-(800) 263-7639,  905-564-3570
Fax #: 1-(800) 463-3569,  905-564-3569

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For inquiries related to invoices or other accounting issues please send email to; accounting@toacanada.com


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Regional Sales Manager

National Sales Manager sales@toacanada.com
Phone #:  1-(800) 263-7639
Ext. 302
Fax #:  1-(800) 463-3569

Regional Sales Manager sales@toacanada.com
Phone #:  1-(800) 263-7639

Ext. 324 
Fax #:  1-(800) 463-3569

Regional Sales Manager sales@toacanada.com
Phone #:  1-(800) 263-7639
Ext. 316
Fax #:  1-(800) 463-3569

Regional Sales Manager sales@toacanada.com
Phone #:  1-(800) 263-7639
Ext. 315
Fax #:  1-(800) 463-3569

Regional Sales Manager sales@toacanada.com
Phone #:  1-(800) 263-7639
Ext. 314
Fax #: 1-(800) 463-3569

Regional Sales Manager sales@toacanada.com
Phone #:  1-(800) 263-7639
Ext. 323
Fax #: 1-(800) 463-3569

Regional Sales Manager sales@toacanada.com
Phone #:  1-(800) 263-7639
Ext. 316
Fax #:  1-(800) 463-3569


Technical Support

At TOA Canada Corporation we have uniquely positioned ourselves to provide local effective service through sound contractors from coast to coast. This means that not only do we provide prompt on-location service for maintenance or upgrade of systems; but also that quick response, knowledgeable technicians are available. The TOA Canada Corporation technical support team can be reached at  1-(800) 263-7639 between 8:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST (press 2) to discuss technical needs and/or specific application recommendations.

Technical Support Documents

Warranty Guidelines

Should a TOA product fail do to a manufacturing defect, the item will be repaired under warranty at one of TOA's authorized service depots.

  • Before shipping any TOA product to the service depots, please call to obtain their tracking number and to determine if the product is covered under the TOA warranty.
  • All products must be shipped pre-paid and accompanied by a copy of the original TOA invoice showing the product to be serviced.

See the terms and conditions in the TOA Price List.

Replacement Parts

Please send all Replacement Parts Inquiries to the e-mail address below.
Replacement Parts: ReplacementParts@toacanada.com

Return Authorization

If you have TOA Canada product that you would like to return, please download the form below and email it to customerservice@toacanada.com. Please note that this form is information gathering only and does not authorize the return of any product.

Return Authorization Form (Download Form)

Find a Dealer

If you would like help finding a Dealer or Intercom Certified Dealer in your region, please fill out the form below.

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