TOA Canada - Choosing the Correct Module for the 9000M2 Phone Paging
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24-Jan-2011 4:00pm

Choosing the Correct Module for the 9000M2 Phone Paging

Your client has asked for a multi-zone paging solution and wants to use their telephone system as the paging source. You saw all the advantages available with the 9000M2 series and now you’re at the point of picking the necessary modules to make sure the job does what the client is asking. The ZP-001T module stands out immediately to you as it already has a built in RJ-11 connection and can use DTMF tones in order to trigger which zones in which the page will be heard.
ZP-001T Paging Module
However, in this day of VoIP, choosing the correct module for the job becomes a bigger concern. Recognizing how the signals are getting out of the PBX devices becomes very important when choosing your input module for the 9000M2 because if the line is not similar to an analog extension port, then the ZP-001T module may not be the best choice for your phone paging needs. If, for example, you are using a VoIP phone system that only had a standard 10k ohm audio output available as a paging port output, then the best module for the job would probably be the D-001T.

D-001T paging module

When using the D-001T we also have to look at the application. The D- 001T will require additional contact closures in order to function in a paging system where addressing individual zones as well as an all call will be required. So be sure to look at how many available contact outputs there are on your PBX device. The maximum number of contact inputs the 9000M2 is capable of is 12 with the addition of a C-001T module. These contact inputs will be used as independent triggers for the paging events in the GUI software, allowing the single input to be routed to independent zones or multiple zones simultaneously.

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