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Beth Tzedec

Beth Tzedec Congregation, Calgary, AB 

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st. josephat


St. Josaphat Cathedral, Edmonton, AB

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Hope Lutheran

Hope Lutheran Church, Toronto, ON

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Fellowship Baptist

Fellowship Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB

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Saint James United Church

Saint James United Church, St. John, Newfoundland

Located in St. John, Newfoundland, Saint James United Church was looking for a newly designed audio system. They wanted a system that would provide them with audible voice and musical sound. 

TOA Canada Corporation assisted with the design of the sound system using EASE focus. This allowed the Installer and end user to be able to see speaker placement, and provide SPL renderings. This is beneficial in the design and preparation of an installation for both the installer and end user, eliminating guess work. 

The church decided on a combination of TOA's SR-H and SR-S Series Line Array Speakers and subwoofers. The head end includes TOA's M-864 Digital Stereo Mixer, DP-SP3 Digital Speaker Processor and DA Series Multi-Channel Amplifiers.

The M-864D Mixer was used for microphone and auxiliary inputs along with the ZM series keypads for memory loading and source control. Three DA-500F-HL amplifiers were used to power multiple speaker arrangements including SR-S4S, SR-H2S, FB-120B, and HS-1200BT for full system coverage. These were assigned to the DP-SP3 DSP for EQ processing and delay setup. 

The congregation rejoices with their new sound system, enjoying the sound quality of each service.

Saint James United Church     Saint James United Church

Image of Reinland Church

Reinland Church, Medicine Hat, AB

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Image of The Basilica of St. John

The Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Newfoundland


The Basilica Cathedral of St. John Newfoundland was consecrated on September 9, 1855. The Basilica is in the shape of a cross with a Roman Basilica style. It is 246' 6" long, 186' 6" inches in the transept, with the facade at 99' wide. The nave and the transepts are each 52' wide, not including the pillars. The ceiling of the nave is flat with elaborate centerpieces and panels, the ambulatories form a succession of groined arches that open into the nave. The apse of the church is semi-circular and the choir forms behind the high altar. The church is constructed of cut limestone with granite quoins, moldings, cornices, window-frames and string and felt courses. There are pillars and arches throughout the church with 7 altars. The design of the Basilica makes this a reverberant environment where speaker placement and selection is critical.


The Basilica Cathedral wanted to provide the parish with clear and intelligible sound so that mass could be enjoyed.


Being an old church constructed of limestone, with high arching ceilings, many altars and windows, the environment was highly reverberant. The church needed to overcome the reverberation time to provide a service that could be enjoyed by all. The appearance of the speakers and placement was also important to the church. They wanted a visually pleasing look. The church turned to Audio Systems Ltd. to assist them with the sound system design and installation. 


The solution was to install Line Array Speakers into the church. Line Array Speakers are a group of Omni-directional speakers that are arrayed in a straight line. They are closely spaced, in phase with equal amplitude. Their main purpose is to project sound over long distances offering very directional vertical coverage. Line Arrays offer a more concentrated wave front than a conventional speaker. The longer the array, the more depth and low frequency control. A Line Array speaker is ideal in a reverberant environment such as houses of worship because they place sound where needed, not on the building structure. 

Audio Systems Ltd. chose TOA's SR-D8 Steerable Active Line Array Speaker System to have more control over the speaker placement and target the sound. TOA brought together its proprietary line array technology and digital signal processing (DSP) technology in developing the SR-D8 active line array speaker. As well as processing both analog and digital audio input, this innovative speaker harnesses 8 built-in digital amplifiers to project sound waves to targeted areas with greater precision than is possible with conventional speakers. By digitally shaping the width and angle of acoustic beams, it can steer sound precisely to desired areas without requiring a change of installation location. This feature makes it well suited for use in venues where structural or design considerations make it hard to move speakers about or where unwanted reverberation must be kept to a minimum. Using the Steerable Line Array Speakers, Audio Systems Ltd. was able to provide intelligible sound within the church. TOA's SR-S Line array speakers are also placed throughout the church. A Wide-dispersion box Speaker (F-2000 series) was also used.

The head end includes TOA's Digital Speaker Processor (DP-SP3).  The DP-SP3 enhances the sound system easily and inexpensively. Designed specifically to work with speakers, the processor taps into characteristics of individual speakers and draws out their best possible performance, to realize richer, more expressive sound space in a variety of venues. The DP-SP3 has a built-in library of parameters for TOA speakers, which enables the congregation to enjoy well-balanced sound immediately, without going to the trouble of inputting complex parameter settings. In addition, a preset memory of up to 16 setting patterns allowing the user to instantly recall the setting need for a particular venue. The processor is also packed with such essential audio processing, functions as Equalizer, Crossover, Matrix, Compressor and Delay. This compact Digital Speaker Processor is compact, offering a solution for people who wish to add more speaker performance to their sound system.

Products Used: 

• SR-D8: Steerable Active Line Array Speakers
• SR-S: Line Array Speaker
• F-2000: Wide Dispersion Box Speaker
• DP-SP3: Digital Speaker Processor

The Basilica of St. John
The Basilica of St. John

Église Ste-Jeanne D’Arc, Shawininigan Sud, QC

Looking for a simple audio system that was reliable and simple to use, Église Ste-Jeanne D’Arc

 selected TOA's A-712 Series Mixer/Power Amplifier and F Series Wide Dispersion Box Speakers. 

Église Ste-Jeanne D’Arc 

chose TOA's product line for the reliability, ease of use and installation. And to top it off, the system fit the budget alloted. The church and congregation are rejoicing with their new sound system. 


Image of Estevan Gospel Chapel

Estevan Gospel Chapel, Estevan, SK

HX-5 Variable Angle Speakers are flown from the ceiling of the Estevan Gospel Chapel.

Estevan Gospel Church

Hebron Presbyterian Church, Langley, BC

The Hebron Presbyterian Church had the opportunity to fashion a customized facility the congregation could truly enjoy. The audio portion of the project was divided up into two phases both using TOA products. Phase I saw the main sanctuary outfitted with TOA’s HX-5W Variable Dispersion Speakers, complemented with Low Frequency Drivers (FB-120W) and powered by the IP Series Dual Channel Power Amplifiers.

Phase II would see the original equipment moved from the main sanctuary to the youth ministry, where new speakers would be added. The main sanctuary and second sanctuary would be upgraded with TOA’s HX-5 Variable Dispersion Speakers and Low Frequency Drivers (FB-120W) powered by the DA-250F Multi-Channel Digital Power Amplifiers and the D-901 Digital Signal Processor. TOA’s HX-5W Speakers fit the application well, and are known for their crisp, clear sound and high power handling. These systems provide articulate speech reinforcement coupled with live music amplification.

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Living Waters Church, Salmon Arm, BC

Living Waters Church in Salmon Arm, BC remodeled their entire sound system from the ground up. The new system includes TOA's D-901: Digital Modular Mixer (plus modules) as well as HX-5W Compact Array Speakers.

Image of Minto United Church

Minto United Church, Moose Jaw, SK

TOA Audio System was installed into the Minto United Church.
Image of Regina Apostolic Church

Regina Apostolic Church, Regina, SK

TOA's HX-5 Series Variable Angle Speakers were flown in groups of three speakers and were complimented with TOA's F-120W subwoofer.

Regina Apostolic Church

Baitunnur Mosque, Calgary, AB

Calgary, Alberta is now the home of Canada's largest mosque and one of the largest mosques in North America. The mosque covers more than 4,300 sq m, containing prayer halls for men and women, a multi-purpose hall, library, bookstall, TV studio, classrooms, offices and a children's play area.
The audio system installed into Baitun Nur mosque includes TOA's F Series Co-axial Ceiling Speakers and H-3 Wide Dispersion Interior Design Speakers, driven by TOA's DA-250FH Digital Multi-channel amplifier, W-906A and W-912A Six-channel Modular Mixer/Amplifiers, including modules. TOA's MP-1216 - 16 Channel Audio Monitor Panel, and D-1103 Digital Delay's were also used.
Image of St. Anthony's Church

St. Anthony's Church, Drumheller, AB

Esthetics being the main concern for the parish at St. Anthony's Church in Drumheller, AB, the audio system had to adhere to a pleasing site line throughout the church. Flown 27 feet above the alter, TOA's HX-5 Variable Angle Speakers do not distract from the beautiful hard wood finish, the altar or the Santuary of the church.

Harvest City Church, Vancouver, BC

TOA's HX-5 Series Variable Angle Speakers and D-901 Modular Digital Mixer deliver a high quality sound system in the Harvest City Church in Vancouver, BC.

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Image of St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Toronto, ON

Looking for a solution to solve a highly reverberant environment and deliver a high quality sound system, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, in Toronto, Ontario, selected TOA's slim line array speakers. St. Francis of Assisi Parish had an acoustical environment that was inhospitable to a sound system. How is a sound system adapted to and environment that was designed for a priest's voice to carry throughout the church?
TOA's slim line array speakers are working in conjunction with TOA's 9000 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers, DA Series Multi-Channel Digital Amplifiers, BG Series Modular Mixer/Amplifiers, Paging Speakers and Wireless Microphone System.
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