TOA Canada - Articles: Voice Evacuation and Mass Notification Systems
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Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification 

Future Proof your Client for Emergency Paging
Future proof your client with TOA’s PC-580 Series Ceiling Mount Speakers.
Disaster Strikes! Are you confident you can communicate?
Mass Notification Systems (MNS) will improve the safety, confidence and well being of the patrons and employees of the facility by providing clear, intelligible sound broadcasts.
Disaster Strikes! Spotlight on Wide Area Communication
University and College campuses often have many buildings covering a large geographic area. Often whole facility communication is non-existent because traditional analog audio systems are impractical to implement...
Disaster Strikes! What Now?
Mass Notification / Wide Area Communications have recently been at the forefront of many discussions. The standards for commercial buildings in Canada are changing (NFPA 72 / UL 2572) and it will soon be important...
Ideal Amplifiers for Mass Notification
TOA recommends two of their reliable amplifiers for use in a Mass Notification/ Communication Systems. 9000M2 Series Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifier or the DA Series Multi-Channel Amplifier.
Mass Notification Standards Coming to Canada Soon
In 2010, the United States updated existing NFPA-72 codes to include mass communication requirements. The code was updated to address the need to respond to more than just fire related emergencies.
MNS Requires Intelligible Public Address
Mass Notification Systems are coming to Canada and the code requirements are now being determined. One area that will require close attention to detail will be the intelligibility of the installed speaker systems.
Products and Support Documents for MNS
TOA Canada Corporation's product offering for Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification.
TOA MNS History, Since 1968
Since 1968, TOA has been manufacturing reliable Voice Evacuation and Mass Notification Products.
TOA HA Horn Array for Mass Notification
The HA-450H / HA-480L Horn Array is suitable for critical alarm and messaging for Emergency broadcasting at campus facilities, municipalities, coastal and maritime areas, and large outdoor events
VM-3000 Provides Critical Features for Mass Notification
The VM-3000 provides features and functions that ensure your communication solution is providing the necessary operation during critical times.

Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification

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