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TOA Exhibited at CANASA

TOA is a proud CANASA member who exhibits at all of the Security Canada's Tradeshows yearly.

Emergency Communication is all about putting people first. Whether you are managing the safety of your employees, residents or the public, we know your emergency communication is what matters most to you. After all, emergency communication saves lives!

TOA Corporation provides products that are ideal for keeping a building safe while providing effective, intelligible communications throughout, during an emergency and for everyday use. 

New this year is TOA's recently launched SIP Video/Audio SIP Intercom Stations.

TOA Canada Corporation showcased the world's first Voice Evacuation System complying with both American and Canadian standards UL 2572 and CAN/ULC-S576 listings. TOA also showcased our IP Intercom system and ULC speakers.

NEW- In 2018, TOA showcased its new line up of intercom products. 

• SIP Video Stations
• SIP Gateway
• AF Scheduler Software
• PC-580SBT 8" Square Speaker with Call Button

Featuring New Intercom Products

SIP Video Station CANASA N-8000SG-Q SIP Gateway
SIP Video Stations
NEW: N-8000SG-Q
SIP Gateway
CANASA N-8000SCHED AF Scheduler Software PC-580SBT Square Speaker with Call Button
AF Scheduler Software

8" Square Speaker with call Button

 VM-3000  IP Intercom
Integrated Voice Evacuation System

IP Intercom System 

 PC-580  SC-630TU

PC-580RU / PC-580RVU:
Mass Notification Speakers

Paging Horn Speaker
Wall Mount Speaker





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