TOA Canada - TOA Bolsters its Audio Design Program
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 design proposal cover

 The Enhanced Audio Design Program will increase your chances of getting that project!

Creating a visually appealing document with credible layout information enriches the clients understanding of how TOA’s speakers will perform in the various applications the team is presented with. Taking advantage of the EASE© Evac software to assist with the best practice design, the resulting output forms a colorful EASE© simulation drawing that illustrates the distribution of direct sound levels as well as speech intelligibility such as STI and ALCons. This process, supported by the entire TOA team, identifies the audio solutions quickly and clearly to put their clients at ease.

 Spearheaded by technical department manager Derek Hunter and his support team, the new integrated package will generate added value. “By quickly turning around the Technical Designs and providing all the information in an easy to read concise document we feel this program can only improve our customers productivity and in turn TOA’s presence in the market” said Derek.

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