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Ask Dr. Sound

How to remotely control input channels on the A-5006/12 Digital Mixer Amplifier?
The end user wants remotely controlled input channels. The four input volumes can’t be controlled by software since they are based on front panel potentiometers, not programming.
How do I plug in a iPhone or laptop to an A-2000 amp
With a TOA A-2120 amplifier, what is the better way to plug a iPhone or a Laptop? And, if a want to use the MIC port, what is the correct pinout?
Broadcast the National Anthem
Dr. Sounds shows you how to Broadcast the National Anthem with a single button push using the N-8000 IP Intercom
Series Parallel Combination
Dear Dr. Sound...There is a 4ohm speaker level output which I need to go into an existing 6 speaker setup. Each of the 6 speakers have a nominal impedance of 8ohms...
Using the Wall Plate with the Remote Mixer
When using the Wall Plate (SO-MIX-PLATE) with the Remote Mixer (SO-MIX-T-24V) you must remove the plastic ring around the SO-MIX-T-24V.
Help Us Help You!
Our technical support department is available to support you between 8:30am to 8pm EST. In order to serve you better and more efficiently we do require specific details when it comes to system design.
What is the maximum length of speaker wire for a 70 Volt line?
What is the maximum length of speaker wire for a 70 Volt line?
Load Impedance for 100V, 70V,
Power/Load Impedance for 100V, 70V, 50V, 25V, and 12.5V
Dr. Sound's Product Update: BG-2240D
There is a spec difference between TOA's existing BG-2000 series amps and the new BG-2240D-AM.
How do I do multi-channel VOIP paging with the SP-11N + DA-250?
Dear Dr. Sound, After I install the SP-11N in an M-9000M2 pre-amp, am I able to use a DA-250FH to do multi-channel voip paging or do I need different equipment to achieve this?
Can I connect 4 x F-122C speakers to the TOA BG-235CU
Dear Dr. Sound, Can you advise if I can connect 4 x F-122C speakers to the TOA BG-235CU, the room is 50’ x 20’ with suspended ceiling.
Can TOA's ER-1000 be heard clearly at 47 feet?
Dear Dr. Sound, I am looking at your ER-1000 WR Personal PA System Megaphone to be used at a distance of 47 feet in a dragon boat situation. Can it be heard clearly at this distance?
What are the dimensions between the holes on the baffle of the PC-580S?
Dear Dr. Sound, I am installing your PC-580S speaker and I am looking for the dimensions between the holes on the baffle.
How do I resolve the cross mixing issue?
Dear Dr. Sound, How do I resolve the cross mixing issue?
Would you please recommend the required speaker tap settings?
Dear Dr. Sound, Would you please recommend the required tap settings...
Is there a detailed drawing of the cable for the AM-1?
Dear Dr. Sound, I was looking at the manual for the AM-1 and I noticed that the balanced output of the control module is connected to the unbalanced inputs of the Polycom® codecs. There is no detail drawing of the cable, only the XLR end.
When would I use 70V speakers over 8 ohm speakers?
Dear Dr. Sound, When would I use 70V speakers over 8 ohm speakers?
Simplifying multi zone paging cabling using the IB-9012
A combination of the multizone paging mic, Q-RM9012 and the twelve zone Q-SS9012 switching matrix, provides a cost effective paging solution.
Why twisted pair cabling?
Twisted pair wiring when, required by devices, is designed to eliminate external interference common to the wire pairs. Since the pairs are twisted together, this external "noise" is equally distributed onto the wires.
Micro Amplifier not suitable for paging
The Energy Star compliant AV-20D and AV-60S are great small format class D amplifiers suitable for most typical AV applications.
Removing Capacitor from the PC-580RU
When using the PC-580RU as a talk-back speaker for some intercoms, it may be necessary to remove the DC blocking capacitor.
Mass Notification Design Sheet
Looking for a little help when designing your Mass Notification and Voice Evacuation Project?
cUL Safety Certified Models
Looking for cUL Safety Certified Products? Why not check out our cUL Safety Certified Models Guide?
Wiring the PC-580RU
When using the PC-580RU speaker you must first select which speaker wattage that you would like to use.
9000M2 Software & Firmware Update
Please note that the software and firmware of 9000M2 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers has been updated.
N-8000 IP Intercom Software & Firmware updates
Please note that the software and firmware of N-8000 IP Intercom System have been updated to achieve new or expanded features.
N-8000 setting software import file feature
hen you have finished a TOA N-8000 installation it is always a good idea to save a back-up copy of your programming file and store this on a separate database as various people may need to have access to this.
How much amp power do I really need?
To determine how much amplifier power is needed for a single speaker you need to know a few things.
N-8000 Internal and External Master Clock
We often get support calls asking about what 900 and 9000 series module do I use to match up to a particular device output impedance.
Impedance considerations when connecting equipment
We often get support calls asking about what 900 and 9000 series module do I use to match up to a particular device output impedance.
Tech Tip: Return Authorization (RA) Online Form
TOA's RA Department is excited to share with you our new online Return Authorization Form. This form can be found on our Contact Page.
TOA's Service Centres
Commercial Audio and Security products manufactured by TOA Corporation have one of the best mean time between failures (MTBF) in the industry.
High Voltage Amplifier and Speaker Impedance
High impedance speakers and amplifiers are found with two common specifications, wattage and impedance, i.e. 60 watts/83Ω, 5 watts/1KΩ. Both of these characteristics are used to determine what amplifier power is required...
Input Sensitivity on the 9000M2 Series
We get many questions regarding how to adjust input levels on our 9000M2 series of mixer amplifiers. As you know, connection devices such as MP3 players, CD players, and Microphones all have different sensitivity levels.
Power Supply for 5000 Series Battery Chargers
Please note that the power supplies/AC Adapter (AD-5000-6, AD-5000-2) for the 5000 Series UHF Wireless Battery Chargers (BC-5000-12; BC-5000-6; BC-5000-2) are sold separately.
TOA's Weather Resistant Speakers High Impedance
TOA Weather Resistant (WP) speakers are available in high impedance only. This applies to all TOA WP version speaker part numbers. The Exception is the BS-1030B/W which comes in indoor/outdoor and are low/high impedance.
Top 5 Ways to Quickly Program the D-901 Digital Mixer From the Front Panel
Ever wonder how to program a D-901 mixer quickly without a computer? While you can always program the D-901 Digital Mixer with the TOA GUI software, you can also quickly configure powerful features right from the front panel!
Using the AV-20D Beyond the Classroom
One of the key applications for an amplifier like this is in the classroom environments but there are a few other ways that this amplifier can ease possible installations and help cut some costs.
How to call multiple master stations from a single door station with the group call function.
Typical Installation setups have a single door station calling a single master station. However, there are a few times where this needs to be expanded to include multiple master stations. This is easily done with the N-8000 software.
9000M2 and cross-point selection using the ZM-9011, ZM-9013, and ZM-9014 controllers
The ZM controllers can be used to select what source is playing in a particular zone associated with the controller. By selecting a button on the controller, a source can be turned ON and OFF.
9000M2 Software Paging Functions
For those of you that have not yet updated your 9000M2 software, you are going to find a few pleasant surprises when it comes to programming inputs for paging purposes
When one Speaker Just Isn't Enough
Choosing a speaker for an application can sometimes be tricky. Taking into account the idea of aesthetic, program material, necessary volume for the application, and mounting location are just a few of the considerations that need to be made.
Troubleshooting Tips for IR Wireless Systems
With the desire for simple, user-friendly, and localized wireless microphone systems Infrared wireless has seen a great deal of growth.
Wireless Bank Selection and Frequency Selection for 64 Channel Wireless
Learn what frequencies bands TOA's wireless products currently use.
Characteristics of Sound
When we hear two or more sounds of different loudness, it is difficult to listen to or hear the lower level sound. This phenomenon is called masking.
AMX System Calls TOA Products
TOA is pleased to announce AMX system calls for the following TOA products; 9000M2 Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifier and D-2008SP Digital Mixing System.
When to update Firmware & Software
From time to time, TOA will release firmware and software updates for our products. These updates may or may not be required depending on the situation.
Connecting the 9000M2 telephone paging module, ZP-001T
The ZP-001T allows phone paging up to 8 zones when installed into 9000M2 product. There are two methods of connecting to a clients phone system...
The Advantages of the DA Series Amplifier
Many of you are familiar with TOA amplifiers and mixer/amplifiers that we have developed over the course of the last 30+ years. The DA-Series amplifiers from TOA have allowed us to take our amplifier technology to the next level...
Choosing the Correct Module for the 9000M2 Phone Paging
Your client has asked for a multi-zone paging solution and wants to use their telephone system as the paging source.
2 Zone System Made Easy
With the release of the BG-200 and BG-2000 Series, there were some new features added to these classic mixer/amplifier designs. One of which, the Music-On-Hold (MOH) function...
Did you pack your DSP Suitcase?
DSP Installation check list
Connecting the new ZM-9000 Modules
The TOA RC-001T remote control module provides two connection paths for the new ZM-9000 Zone Management controllers. Each path or link can host up to 8 controllers depending on cable length.
Updating Firmware
TOA Canada has several products that may require you to update firmware and/or software. It is recommended that you download the software and firmware updates, especially before taking the product to the installation site.
High Ceiling Open Area Speaker, Reverberant Field
Application: Industrial warehouse paging, using the SC series of paging horns.
Are there Snakes in my Speakers?
I often receive this call or experience it first hand when walking through a wide variety of audio installations. It’s the hiss of a snake from the direction of the overhead speakers. It is present all the time and often even worse when a page occurs.
To Diversify or not?
When choosing a wireless microphone system, there are many things to consider from application to scale of system to quality of components.
Loading Saved 9000 Prgramming Files (not applicable to 9000M2)
When starting the 9000 software, after selecting the model and mode, select FILE/OPEN. The following Windows dialog box will appear. By default, only the MATRIX file selection is visible.
Power Up and Down (WM-5270 Wireless Microphone)
When turning on and/or off TOA’s WM-5270, hold the power button for 1-3 seconds.
9000 Series Front Panel Fun! (not applicable to 9000M2 Series)
One of our most popular support calls are regarding the programming of the 9000 series mixer amps. There are basically 2 ways to program this product, 1) with a laptop connected via the RS-232 input, or 2) from the front panel controls.
9000 Series Start-up (not applicable to 9000M2 Series)
When using the 9000 for the first time or any time the MODE selector is changed or a module is added or removed.