TOA Canada - Impressive additions to TOA Canada's technical department.
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TOA Canada’s technical department pivots with two new members


This month TOA Canada eagerly introduces our two latest hires for our technical department. With some luck, we were able to find individuals who have skillfully and seamlessly adapted to the TOA culture and have already taken strides in their position while making an impact in our business operations.


Chris our new Product Support Manager, arrives with a passion for technology and a thirst for solving problems. Although on the young side, Chris performs years beyond his age. After graduating university with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering, he caught on with a speaker manufacturer where he quickly put his engineering knowledge to work in the AV industry. ChrisChris  worked a variety of positions from technical support to research and development. Chris enjoys seeing AV technology get used in new and innovative ways and coming up with elaborate solutions for large systems. Outside of work Chris is heavily into PC building/modding. He enjoys going out with friends and experiencing food from diverse cultures by way of restaurant hopping.


Our new Product Development head is Yahya Mawlawi who comes to us via Dubai. Yahya has advanced his knowledge from his various stops in his career with a focus on electrical and electronics engineering, sound dynamics and industrial process control. Yahya holds a Master of Engineering Degree certified by the World Education Services (WES). Along with his experience,Yahya Yahya holds various certification including KNX Certified Partner, CONTROL 4 Certified Tech Level 1, CRESTRON Essential and Digital Media Certified Engineer designer and technician. On his down time, he enjoys listening to live music shows and even express his DJ skills when he has an opportunity. Yahya is looking forward to going through one of our Canadian winters, good luck to him.


 We are incredibly pleased to welcome both Chris and Yahya into our family.