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A&E Specifications
A&E Specifications Listing
Ask Dr. Sound (Tech. Tips)
In this section you will find Tips and Tricks about our products, software and more. You can even Ask Dr. Sound your question and he will email you an answer.
Brochures & Catalogues
This is a listing with links to our product brochures.
Discontinued Product Index
This is a listing of our discontinued products including links to brochures, A&E Specs., Software, Manuals, etc.
FREE Design Request
FREE Technical Design Worksheets to assist you in the design of your project. Submit this worksheet to us and we will design your project for you.
General Technical Information
Technical documents and support items.
Product Videos
Product videos.
Project System Solutions
Not sure what TOA equipment to use? Go to our Application page to review the section that matches your job. Each brochure goes in-depth on why the products suit a specific scene.
TOA has product specific software available for download. Please refer to the links on this page to obtain the applicable software for your product.
TOA Amplifier Selection Guide
Review our various amplifiers to select then right one for your project.
TOA BIM data
Request BIM, 3D data for TOA speakers to assist in a wide range of project designs.
TOA Canada's Purchase Order Template
Customer can use this PO template to create orders and email to customer service. All info can easily be added and cost is calculated for you.
Wireless Comparison Table
Compare our various wireless microphones to find the right choice for you.