IR-800 Classroom System [KIT #1]


TOA's educational classroom system brings classrooms to life by providing clear, interference-free voice transmission through wireless technology.

This classroom kit contains all the items you need for a quick and easy installation.

 (ERAC Approval for IR-800KIT)

IR Classroom Brochure IR Classroom Brochure IR Classroom A&E Spec 

Kit Contains:

Model Number Description Quantity in Kit
IR-820SP  Y 4Q  Infrared Wireless Speaker 1 IR-820SP
IR-802T   CU AQ Infrared Wireless Tuner  1 IR-802T
IR-300M  Infrared Wireless Microphone 1 IR-300M
IR-200BC Battery Charger for IR-200M and IR-300M 1  IR-200BC
IR-200BT-2 Y Ni-MH Battery (1 pair) 1 IR-200BT-2 
HY-TB1 Support rails for ceiling speaker (1 pair) 1 HY-TB1
WB-802 Wall-mount bracket for tuner 1  WB-802
CAT-5E 50ft. FT6 Category 5 Ethernet Cable 1  CAT-5E
CSTEREO-03 3ft. 3.5mm Stereo Cable 1 CSTEREO-03 
ACG36 3ft. RCA Stereo Cable 1 ACG36