SP-131 Speaker Mount Bracket


The SP-131 Speaker Mount Bracket can mount a wide horn speaker or horn speaker on a pole in conjunction with the optional YS-60B. It is comprised of two brackets.

Note:  for added safety, reinforce mounting brackets and mounting bands when installing a speaker in a location that will be exposed to significant vibration and/or strong wind. It is also recommended that the installed speaker, mounting brackets, and mounting bands be checked periodically to assess potentially dangerous excessive wear and/or loose connections. 



Load Capacity 5 kg (11 lb)*
Finish Bracket: Stainless Steel
Screw: Stainless Steel
Weight 330 g (0.73 lb) (per bracket)
Product Composition Mounting bracket x 2, Mounting screw (M10 x 25 bolt set, M8 x 20 bolt set) x each 1 set

* The TOA speakers heavier than 5kg (11 lb) can be mounted if they are recommended for use with the SP-131 in our catalogs or other material.