Hands-free Megaphones

ER-1000A BT Personal PA System

ER-1000A-BT is a wearable, easy-to-operate personal PA system that delivers powerful and clear sound from its lightweight body attached to a waistband. A slightly curved design of the main unit fits perfectly on your waist and is barely affected by your motion. This product is suited in various situations such as guided tours, sport classes, directing traffic and other security-and-safety-related applications, as well as attracting prospective customers at shows and storefronts.



WH-4000H Headset Microphone

The WH-4000H is headset microphone of a cardioid pick-up pattern, featuring a lightweight design. Besides, the WH-4000H is equipped with an adjustable band to fix the headset on your head.


The ER-604W is a compact, lightweight shoulder-type megaphone with whistle signal. It's close-talking microphone has a handy-to-operate volume control and press-to-talk switch. External microphone inputs on the unit's rear panel can accept an optional microphone or a headset microphone for hands-free use. In addition, an AUX (auxiliary) input can accept a CD, MD, or cassette player.