Audio Signal Processors

AN-9001 Ambient Noise Sensing Microphone

The AN-9001 is an electret condenser microphone designed for ambient noise detection. It is used in conjunction with the AN-001T Ambient Noise Sensor Input module in the 9000 Series system. It can be mounted in a 1-gang electrical box in the ceiling or wall.



DP-K1 Digital Signal Processor

The DP-K1 is a 3U rack mountable Digital Audio Processor. It features an Automatic Resonance Control function that automatically generates an optimum filter curve to improve sound clarity after measuring the acoustic characteristics in architectural space. It permits flexible configuration of inputs and outputs, from 2-IN/4-OUT to 8-IN/8-OUT using the optional modules. Each function is set by a PC using the dedicated software. The settings can be stored in the unit's internal memory and the stored preset memories can be recalled from the unit without connecting the PC.


DP-L2 Digital Ambient Noise Controller

The DP-L2 is a digital audio processor equipped with 2 × Input, 2 × Output, 1 × ambient noise sensor microphone input and 1 × monitor output and features easy setting of each function by the front panel operation. It is equipped with an ambient noise control function (The ANC function distinguishes between the unit's output sound and the ambient noise. The unit's output sound is not detected as noise.) and an automatic level control function that keeps the input signal level constant. It can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (1 unit size).


DP-SP3 Digital Speaker Processor

The DP-SP3 is a 1U rack mountable digital speaker processor having 2 inputs and 6 outputs. It features digital signal processing functions such as Equalizer, Crossover, Matrix, Compressor, and Delay. Other functions include input PAD, analog output attenuator, output MUTE, EQ characteristic library for TOA speakers, and contact input terminals. When connected to a LAN, settings and operations of the DP-SP3 can be performed on a PC with the supplied DP-SP3 PC software installed. It can be mounted in an EIA component rack (1U size).