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New Dante Module for M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer
Expanding the capabilities for network sound systems
Increased Support, Better Service
TOA Canada's new insides sales representative
TOA Hires National Sales Manager
Lead our sales team with a focus on pro audio and educational technology.
New DA-150EH multichannel amplifier
The low powered 8 channel amplifier is ideal for systems that require announcements and music distribution, with possibility for paging.
New Audio interface to control audio systems
The MW-41BT audio interface with USB & Bluetooth
M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer series - A new level of audio excellence
The M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer system is dedicated to music, paging, discussion and zone management solutions for commercial audio applications.
NEW - TOAlert communication system with detailed software interface
TOAlert is an advanced, powerful communication system that delivers better communication and productivity through daily messaging, emergency alerts and synchronized clocks.
Upgraded N-8000 SIP Gateway
Engineers and installers will see the tangible difference with this version and the greater suitability for many intercom and paging projects.
TOA reaches Compass Control® Pro Partner with Key Digital
9000 M2 Series achieves full driver integration with Compass Control® Pro.
TOA SIP products integration with Asterisk
Introduce TOA SIP products into Asterisk solutions
TOA Partners with PTZOptics
View the person who is speaking with the TS Conference System enhancement.
Speakers modification for network adaptation
TOA Canada has developed the N-SP80SB, a SIP compliant hands-free Voice over IP (VoIP) PCB board.
Personal PA System to control crowds
It is a personal megaphone and speaker all in one.
The A-800D Digital Mixer Amplifier is the ideal choice for your background music solution.
This digital mixer amplifier series provides maximum flexibility with up to eight inputs and up to 480 W of power.
Clear intelligible audio while maintaining today’s safety first approach.
The N-XC65-W delivers full duplex high definition sound and comes with a class D amplifier for clear voice magnification.
TOA's SIP Intercom integrates with Genetec Sipelia
TOA has achieved this with Genetec’s Security Management System, Sipelia.
TOA Canada, Solution Partner of Cisco
TOA Canada’s integration with Cisco Unified Communications-CUCM
New Generation Conference System
With the layout flexibility for small to midsize boardrooms and council chambers and capable of being permanently installed or mobile, the TS-820/920 delivers the resourcefulness required to support this trend.
TOA Canada Releases Softphone Application for N-SP80 SIP Intercom
“This new application will offer the ability to be in any part of a facility and have eyes on all access points using our N-SP80 system”, said Ibrahim Chehade, lead developer at TOA Canada.
Information regarding the cleaning of TOA wireless products
PRODUCT NOTE - Share this note with staff and customers to increase the awareness of proper cleansing of microphone products.
TOA Mixers Integrate with Kramer Controls
Kramer Electronics produces one of the most popular systems to control A/V equipment and their controllers work seamlessly with TOA Mixers and DSP’s.
Firmware update for TOA's Network Horn Speaker
A new software update is now available for the UC-4SC615.
TOA Canada Enters the Digital Wireless Market with the Trantec S2.4 series
Flexible and cost effective digital wireless option from TOA.
TOA Canada remains open and will continue to ship product
TOA Canada strongly trusts that by remaining open both remotely and in the shipping warehouse, we are assisting in the safety and security of business operations that are necessary for all of us to continue are daily lives.
TOA Canada Business Update
TOA provides update on business operations during extraordinary times.
TOA Canada Upgrades the IR-800 Classroom Voice-lift
The PLUS system boasts new features while still keeping the systems differentiator its wide-dispersion, uniformed sound technology.
WTU-M9800: A wireless microphone tuner for the back of your amplifier.
The TOA Wireless Tuner Module WTU-M9800 provides a truly integrated wireless microphone solution for any TOA product that accepts a 900 series input module.
EM-380 Gooseneck Microphone for the Canadian Market
The EM-380 is a uniquely shaped and high quality condenser microphone most suited for use in lecture halls and houses of worship.
TOA Canada collaborates with Access Direct Sales
This partnership will have TOA’s IP and SIP intercom systems integrated into ADSI’s line card beginning September 1.