TOA Canada - M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer gets Crestron-ed
  • TOA launches our brand new MP-16 audio monitoring panel
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TOA Canada diligently works towards bringing world-class audio equipment to the AV market, and while the success stories are plentiful, our Kaizen business philosophy prevents us from sitting back, and we continue to find ways to improve our offering. In collaboration with Crestron and a software developer, we are proud to release a Crestron 3 and 4-series SIMPL# module suite for the M-8080D digital matrix mixer.

“We believe the new integration with Crestron control panels through the newly added module will elevate the already popular DSP to a must-have for mid to large-sized, multi-zoned paging projects,” asserted product development head Keith Angcos. The addition of this RS232 only module suite should attract more integrators to the highly capable M-8080D Digital Matrix Mixer. The popularity of Crestron control panels made it essential for TOA Canada to develop the module suite and open the door for our DSP to many more opportunities in the Canadian AV market.

Controlling the M-8080D through the easy-to-use and intuitive Crestron panels permits even non-technical persons to quickly adjust the DSP’s performance for their business audio requirements. The suite is available at Crestron’s application market under the TOA brand. Once on the website, visitors will be able to see other TOA equipment modules developed over the years. The application market, hosted by Crestron, is a destination for many system integrators and holds a wide range of third-party control modules.

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