TOA Canada - Information regarding the cleaning of TOA wireless products
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Information regarding the cleaning of TOA wireless products

Mississauga, ON, Canada, June 2020 – TOA Canada Corporation understands the importance of good hygiene both personal and with our surrounding environment during this unfamiliar time.
Our products, specifically wireless microphones, continue to be handled daily and therefore need to be wiped down after every use. This note focuses on the proper way to clean microphone and accessories without damaging the product.

 As stated in our manuals, use of ethanol or ethyl based alcohol in high concentration has the possibility of causing peeling of the paint and cracking of the resin body of the microphone. To lessen the chance of damage we recommended to wipe lightly with a cloth damped in a dilute neutral cleanser, then wipe with a dry cloth.

 Share this note with staff and customers to increase the awareness of proper cleansing of microphone products.

 Thank you