TOA Canada - Disaster Strikes! Are you confident you can communicate?
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Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification

An emergency strikes! Are you confident you can communicate?

Voice Evacuation & MNS

Mass Notification Systems (MNS) will improve the safety, confidence and well being of the patrons and employees of the facility by providing clear, intelligible sound broadcasts. Instructions and Information can be relayed throughout a building during an emergency, or during times when it is important to communicate to the patrons within the building. The system will aid in the execution of emergency plans, procedures and communications to everyone within the building, helping to maintain order, prevent serious injury, and reduce the loss of life.

Critical information (live or prerecorded) can be communicated intelligibly throughout a facility in a quick and efficient manner, using TOA’s N-8000 IP Intercom System. This system will work in conjunction with PA Systems, CCTV Systems and Life Safety Systems, including the fire alarm or access control.

Designed to offer no-compromise reliability, the N-8000 is an IP network-compatible intercom system using packet audio technology. Monitoring can be real-time on an internet browser as the system is server-less. System frequency response extends to 7 kHz, allowing even PA delivered announcements that are extremely clear and intelligible. TOA’s N-8000 IP intercom is a highly reliable system that guarantees fast, accurate and reliable communications.

N-8000 System ExampleReviewing an example of the N-8000 IP Intercom (pictured to the left), you can see that this system is connected both through the LAN network and a WAN network, allowing the system to operate over several buildings or even buildings in different locations in town, the next city or around the world. This system interfaces with CCTV cameras, so the building can be visually monitored, while the fire alarm system and access control can be interfaced as well using the multi-interface unit/audio interface unit/direct select unit. When using the N-8000 intercom system with a public address amplifier you gain the ability to page throughout a buildings speaker system. This can be achieved by using the N-8000MI, N-8000AF, and/or the N-8000EX units. This system also has access to outside telephone lines for remote communications.

Message Paging with N-8000 Message paging (pictured right) initiates emergency paging with prerecorded emergency messages on the IP Master Stations. Up to 192 paging zones can be assigned for one system. A single N-8000 system can connect up to a maximum of 3,072 stations.

Emergency All-Group Paging with N-8000Emergency all-group paging is a function that suspends ongoing conversations, paging and other operations to allow emergency all-group paging to all stations, PA equipment and lines. (system example pictured left)

Emergency Call with N-8000 An emergency call can be triggered by pushing the call button twice quickly commanding the door stations and substations to make an emergency call to master stations and analog telephones. (pictured right)

Recorded Messages with N-8000(pictured left) Any conversation between master station/telephone and during a three-party conference, paging messages, and scan monitored audio can be recorded on recording equipment connected to the N-8000AF.

Auto Trigger with N-8000If an auto input to a pre-programmed door station’s microphone fulfills preset conditions (detection time or signal level), the door station initiates an alarm. An example would be making a call to the designated master station or generating a contact output of any other interface units. (pictured left)

TOA’s N-8000 IP Intercom System is the ideal solution for applications that require a conventional communication system that must also accommodate emergency communications. Similar IP Intercom systems can be found in educational facilities, parking garages, airports, correctional institutions and more.

Over the next few months, TOA will discuss how many of our reliable products fit into Mass Notification/Wide Area Communications. We will be focusing on the; N-8000: IP Intercom, NX-300: Audio Network Adapter, VM-2000: System Management Amplifier, VM-3000: Integrated Voice Evacuation System (coming soon), A-9000M2: Modular Digital Mixer/Amplifiers, DA Series: Multi-Channel Amplifiers, F-Series Ceiling Speakers, SC Series Paging Horns, Megaphones and Digital Messaging products.

Need to send audio to a remote site? Next month TOA will discuss our NX-100: Network Audio product line and the role this product plays in Wide Area Communication.

Please note that every application is unique. Our system examples are for reference purposes only. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss your specific application requirements or 1-800-263-7639.

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