TOA Canada - Japanese culture has framed TOA’s business values
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Japanese culture has framed TOA’s business values.

It was always a place of wonderment to me, so when I joined TOA Canada a part of me secretly hoped that a trip to Japan would soon follow. Japanese culture is vastly different from our North American customs and the experience would be extraordinary.

Guess what!

Touching down in Tokyo’s Narita airport to attend a TOA global conference at our headquarters I quickly noticed the speed and accuracy at which the airport operated. Narita_airportMoving thousands of people and connecting them with their bags was no easy task. However, the employees worked together like a well-oiled machine to ensure the flow of people at the airport made it to their destination. The systematic approach taken by businesses in Japan to be efficient and precise while working as a squad bodes well for the Japanese who value team success over individual.

Train speed
Who of us have not heard of the famous Japanese bullet train? Boy, they are more exhilarating than you can image. The speed is not physically noticeable but that big display at the front of every train car illuminated with 362 km/h creates a WHOA moment from Matrix. WHOATechnology and innovation are principles applied by Japanese firms to stay ahead. At TOA, our research and development team are comprised of skilful individuals who continuously work to create new products that exceed market expectations in quality, performance, and durability. 

Nothing says Japanese business etiquette as bowing, known as ojigi, it is a traditional form of greeting. Bowing can also be used to indicate gratitude, and congratulations. BowingIt took a couple of instances to become customized to this salutation, but the extreme feeling of respect that is reciprocated made the encounters pretty cool. That level of appreciation filters down to the way our customers are treated. TOA understands the value we provide is only as good as the experience our customers have with us. Respect and cooperation with our global customers are
the backbone of our success. We deliver on the solutions they require, support their technical needs, and build relationships. 

Was Japan and the culture that I desired to experience what I expected? Absolutely!
Too bad the conference got in the way.