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sick kids

Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, ON

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Lower Canada College

Lower Canada College, Montreal, QC

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Image of Fredericton Airport

Greater Fredericton Airport, Frederiction, NB

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Image of 1 York st

1 York Street, Toronto, On

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Image of CDSL

Commission Scolaire des Laurentides, Ste-Adèle, QC

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Image of Listuguj

Listuguj Mi'gmaq School, Pointe-à-la-Croix

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Image of The Cultural Centre,

The Cultural Centre, Fredericton, NB

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Edmonton Remand

Edmonton Remand Centre, Edmonton, AB

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Bleuets School Board

Bleuets School Board, Roberval, QC

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Image of Jaguar dealer

Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine, Montréal, QC

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Image of draveur

Commission Scolaire des Draveurs, Gatineau, QC

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Image of RMC

Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON

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Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de Manicouagan, Baie-Comeau, QC (Hospital)

The surgery block at Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de Manicouagan required a hands free and footswitch operated communications system. Working in a cleanroom and hands free environment, it's important for the doctors and nurses to have products that fit the specifications. 


TOA recommended components from their IP Intercom Product line, including their Flush Mount Master Stations (N-8033MS). These master stations are manufactured just for hospitals. They are IP-65 rated, chemical resistant for use in industrial and harsh environments and offer an input for use with foot switch dialing.


The surgery block at the hospital is delighted with their communications system, especially that they can communicate with other areas within the hospital through a reliable hands free operation.


Products used: 

• N-8033MS Flush Mount Master Station
• N-8000EX IP Network Intercom Exchange

image of Bearspaw

Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant, Calgary, AB

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Deer Lake Regional Airport, Deer Lake, Newfoundland

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moncton airport

Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International  Airport, Moncton, NB

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Halifax Airport

Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Halifax, NS

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Newmarket Courthouse, Newmarket, ON

The Newmarket Courthouse is a satellite court providing selected and limited court services in conjunction with a main court office. 

The courthouse required a door access system for the courthouse security. They needed to be able to control who was admitted into the building and control building access in case of an emergency. 

The Newmarket Courthouse needed to be able to monitor and control door access and the security of the courthouse. 

Newmarket Courthouse is now home to TOA's N-8000 Intercom System, including analog master stations, substations, emergency use substations and a direct select unit. The courthouse can monitor door access and maintain a secure building via the N-8000 IP Intercom. 

Products Used: 

  • N-8410MS: Analog Standard Master Station
  • N-84000RS: Sub-station Interface Unit
  • N-8000DI: Direct Select Unit  
  • RS-480: Sub-station (emergency use)
hamilton port author

Hamilton Port Authority, Hamilton, ON

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Image of scolaire montreal

Commission Scolaire de Montréal, Montréal, QC

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Royal Alexander Hospital

Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, AB

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is one of Canada largest and longest service hospitals. It is located in the heart of Edmonton, AB and offers general and specialized medical and surgical health services. This hospital is also home of one of Canada's busiest emergency departments. 
Being one of Canada's busiest hospitals, it is important for The Royal Alexandra Hospital to be able to effectively communicate, manage entrances, have signaling devices, and relay important messages across the hospital to both staff and patients/guests. The hospital required an Intercom system that was reliable, intelligible, scalable and provided safety.
This project required the replacement of an existing intercom system. For approximately 23 years, The Royal Alexandra Hospital relied on TOA's EXES-6000 Intercom system for their main communications system. This system had become old and in its old age, was not functioning as well as the hospital needed it to, or to the newer standards in technology
The hospital decided to upgrade their existing TOA EXES-6000 Intercom system to TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System. The N-8000 system has enhanced features over the old EXES system allowing the hospital better communications, door control and paging functionality. It's LAN or WAN configurable providing lots of flexibility for the hospital. Because the hospital is upgrading an existing TOA system they are able to use existing cabling and components to make installation easier. 
Products Used: 
  • N-8000MS: Multifunctional Master Station (175 units)
  • N-8000EX: IP Network Intercom Exchange
  • N-8000MI: Multi Interface Unit
  • N-8000DI: Direct Select Unit  
Royal Alexander Hosptial  Royal Alexander Hosptial Royal Alexander Hosptial
  N-8000 Intercom Equipment Rack  (old EXES-6000 System)

Séminaire de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, QC


Séminaire de Sherbrooke is a private institution offering education to secondary, collegial and continuing education students. They have the highest of standards when providing education to their students. 


To provide an Intercom and public address system to communicate throughout the institution. 


The school required a retrofit intercom system using the existing cabling of the old intercom system. From here, they integrated public address with the intercom system. 


TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System integrated seamlessly with the old cabling at the institution. The Intercom system allows the school to provide communications from the substations to the master stations, control doors, bell signaling, recording of conversations, and provide paging broadcasts throughout the facility. TOA's Paging Horns and PC Series Ceiling Speakers were installed to provide intelligible, crystal clear sound. The DA Series Multichannel Power Amplifier was selected to power the speakers. 

Products Used: 

  • N-8000 IP Intercom
  • N-8400RS - Sub Station Interface Unit
  • N-8000AF - Audio Interface Unit
  • RS-150 - Substation
  • DA Series Multichannel Power Amplifier
  • SC Series Paging Horns
  • PC Series Ceiling Speakers


Image of British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

Tsawwassen Terminal, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc., BC

BC Ferries, Tsawwassen Terminal was experiencing communication (audio overflow) and intelligibility issues. To improve communications and the audio, Tsawwassen Terminal installed over 100 of TOA Canada Corporation's SC Series Paging Horns strategically aimed to reduce reverberation (echo) and improve clarity.

Intercom failures and short comings lead to introduction and implementation of TOA's N-8000 IP Intercom System. The intercom system being used for terminal wide intercommunication. The system relys on several of TOA's 900 Series Amplifiers and Mixers for paging and security gate entry points.

The result of this TOA upgrade has provided the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal with clear and intelligable sound, and has many local residents happy because they no longer hear the Tsawwassen Terminal's paging at their homes!

Tsawwassen Terminal BC Ferries

Corporate & Commercial

• Four Seasons (Commercial Centre), Ontario
• Rolls Royce Canada, Montréal, QC

Correctional Facility

• Val-d’Or Justice Center, Val-d’Or, QC


• Aupaluk School, Aupaluk, NT
• De l'Or et des Bois School Board, Val-d’Or, QC
• Des Draveurs School Board, QC
• Joseph Francois Perrault School, Montréal, QC
• Lester B. Pearson School Board, Dorval, QC
• Marguerite Bourgeois School Board, Saint-Laurent, QC
• Mattawa School Board, Mattawa, ON
• Pointe de I'ile School Board, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC
• Private College, QC
• Psycho-pedagogical Center, Montréal, QC
• University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
• Université de Sherbrooke (Longueuil), QC
• Université de Montréal (HEC), Montréal
• Western Quebec School Board, QC

Government & Hospitals

• CRCHUM (Hospital Research Center), Montréal, QC
• Hopital Lasalle, Montréal, QC
• Jewish General Hospital, QC
• Joliette Residence, QC
• Royal Alexander Hospital, Edmonton, AB
• Toronto City Hall & Metro Hall, Toronto, ON
• Val-d’Or Hospital, Val-d’Or, QC

Halls and Theatres

• Place des Arts, Montréal, QC

Sporting Complexes

• Montréal Olympic Stadium, Montréal, QC


• Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (ADM), Montréal, QC
• Northumberland Ferries, Murray River, PE

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