TOA Canada - From a whisper to a scream HX-7’s have it covered
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You are sitting in your seat waiting for the live event to begin; the anticipation is almost unbearable. The collection of individuals in the same complex expect a great show from the performers and the venue’s equipment. As the event begins, you quickly pick-up on the fact that the sound is poor, and unintelligible, how are you supposed to enjoy yourself. Most of have gone through a scenario similar to this and what usually crosses your mind? “what type of speakers are they using”. 

In today’s world, companies are inundated with advertisements for speakers that would be best suited for their sports or concert complexes like arenas, auditoriums or theatres. What is difficult to discern for most people is to know which speakers are reliable, which will be intelligible at different positions and which manufacturers have the technology and experience that offer the quality sound these complexes require.

TOA Corporation manufactures the HX-7 variable dispersion line array speaker which offers the quality sound, flexibility and configuration options that people want for their facility. The HX-7 handles 750W continuous, imagine a few of these clustered in an arena? Now that’s power. Sure many speakers can pump out good wattage, but do they have the technology to provide enhanced coverage and intelligibility. The HX-7 is designed with that in mind, and uses the SYNC Drive waveguide to ensure precise HF control and superior reproduction of sound.

By combining the highly respected SYNC technology and adding the effective configuration options, the speakers can be set up accurately though out the facility. The fact the HX-7 has Four stages of adjustable dispersion (5 if you get the optional HY 60D bracket) helps provide a wider range of coverage depending on the building. Basically the  HX-7 can adjust to the circumstances of the install. That’s a lot  better than moving a wall to adapt to the sound direction. 


If the wanted result is noise then any speaker will do but for high performance sound and clarity the HX-7 will outperform.