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EASE Focus Software
EASE Focus is a software that allows the modeling of acoustic sources, in particular line arrays, in two dimensions. It considers the direct field created by the complex addition of the sound contributions of the individual loudspeakers or array elements.
When would you use low vs high impedance?
When would you use low vs high impedance?
What is Synchronous Nexus Control Drive Technology?
Sync-DriveTM - Synchronous Nexus Control Drive Technology is a wavefront control technology that keeps sound waves in phase with their sources at the speakers to create an ideal linear sound source.
SounDoh: TOA's Interactive Learning Website
SounDoh, a website designed to introduce practical and basic tips to create a better sound space.
Spotlight on Campus Communication
Communication is becoming a very hot topic in the news lately. With an increasing need to communicate with multiple buildings, it is important to have a communication system that can deliver a message, quickly, effectively and to everyone in the building.
Speaker Wire Chart
Correct speaker selection and placement are vital to a successful audio system.
Secure Wireless Communication: Infrared Wireless Microphone Systems
Infrared microphones are widely used as a convenient wireless communication tool, because of their security features against eavesdropping and radio interference. They are a very secure and confidential way to conduct important meetings and conferences.
Product Reference Charts
TOA Canada Corporation has an Accessory Reference on many of our product lines. The charts will help you select the appropriate accessory for TOA products.
EASE Speaker Data
TOA has been a long time supporter of EASE software and uses this simulation software to design many of clients venues with real-life accuracy. Lean more about EASE and how TOA uses it to design system applications.
Calculating Wattage Required
It is fairly easy to calculate the on axis amount of power required to a speaker if we understand and apply a few basic principles.