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Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification

Future Proof your Client for Emergency Paging

Voice Evacuation & MNS

Future proof your client with TOA’s PC-580 Series Ceiling Mount Speakers. The PC-580RU and PC-580RVU are designed to fill the need for a high-performance, cost effective ceiling speaker for use in Mass Notification Systems, Voice Evacuation, Emergency Paging, and everyday Paging and Background Music requirements. The PC-580RU and PC-580RVU speakers meet UL 2572 (ULC S541, UL 1480 UUMW) (Fire Alarm Signaling) and UL 2043 (use in air handling spaces) standards when using the HY-BC580U Back Can.

These 8" in-ceiling speakers follow a standard design format which is suitable for plenum use. Designed around a unique "monocoque" chassis for improved structural integrity, The PC-580RU/RVU has an integrated transformer tapped for 25V and 70V connections at up to 5W, 97dB sensitivity , 1W/1M output and can also be connected to 8 ohm lines with 10W of power handling. The PC-580RU is based on a common round ceiling speaker template, allowing it to easily replace many existing speakers in retrofit installations. The PC-580RVU adds a center-grille oriented volume control for easy adjustment when necessary. The optional HY-BC-580U back-can is designed to fit in shallow-depth plenum spaces, is stackable for easy storage and provides punch plates for conduit. The PC-580RU/RVU & HY-BC-580U will carry TOA's 5-year Audio Product Warranty.

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