TOA Canada - Frequency Selection for Wireless Microphones
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11-Dec-2009 11:00

Frequency Selection for Wireless Microphones

WS SeriesRecently, the 700MHz frequency band for microphone wireless communication (in the United States only), have required that all wireless products currently using this band in the USA to stop broadcasting on these frequencies. This has caused all manufacturers to use other frequency bands and as such, care must be taken to ensure products ordered are of the correct frequency. Unlike frequency bands will not work together.

TOA wireless microphone systems frequency band determination can be found in the model name, such as WM-5200 A01. The A01 indicates the band that is used for these particular wireless microphones. TOA frequency designators may be A01, B01 and C01 for legacy UHF wireless products. The newer frequency bands, in order to meet the future Canadian requirements in August 2011, have the designation E01 and F01, and are now available through TOA Canada Corporation. 

When ordering products for existing installations, please make sure that frequency band designators are indicated on the purchase order. As an example, an older system using the WT-4810 A01 receiver needs a new microphone. When ordering the new microphone, you would indicate the model number and the suffix A01. This will ensure that the two will work together.