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Solutions for Educational Environments Brochure
Solutions pour les milieux d’enseignement

Audio Products for Schools Audio Products for schools! Keeping students safe & sound!

School Classroom Learning Assistance by TOA

IR Wireless Microphone System for Classrooms
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Six Nations Polytechnic

Six Nations of the Grand River Polytechnic, Ohsweken, ON

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Marguerite Bourgeois

CSS Marguerite Bourgeois Montréal QC

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Frog Lake High School

Frog Lake High School - Frog Lake, AB

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 Bay D'espoir

Bay D'espoir Schook, St. Albans, Newfoundland

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Aleda Pateson School, Edmonton, AB

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Centre de Services Scolaire de Montreal,  QC 

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Timberlea School

Timberlea Public School, Fort McMurray AB

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Monsignor McCoy HS

Monsignor McCoy HS, Medicine Hat, AB

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Ernest Manning High

Ernest Manning High School, Calgary AB

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Souris Regional School

Souris Regional School, Souris, PE

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Southeast Collegiate

Southeast Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB

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Murray Library

Murray Library-University of Saskatchewan, SK

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La Loche Dene

La Loche Community School Dene Building

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Collège Saint-Louis

Collège Saint-Louis, Lachine QC

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Shas TI

Shas Ti Kelly Road School, Prince George, BC

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Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School, NS

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New Scotia Community College, NS

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Lecture Hall

University of McMaster, Hamilton, ON

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Seaside Elementary School, Saint John, NB

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Bishop David

Bishop David Motiuk Catholic Elementary, Edmonton, AB

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3P learning centre

3P Learning centre, Calgary, AB

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Ecole Alain St cyr

Ecolé Alain St-Cyr, Yellowknife, NWT

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Darmouth South

Darmouth South Academy, Dartmouth, NS

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Lower Canada College

Lower Canada College, Montreal, QC

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Saskatchewan P3

Saskatchewan P3 Schools, Saskatchewan

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Crescent Heights, Calgary, AB

Crescent Heights, Medicine Hat, AB

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Edmonton Catholic School Board, Edmonton, AB

The Edmonton Catholic School Board wants their students and teachers to learn and teach at their best. The school board was looking for a solution which uses new technology for their classroom voice lift systems, and discovered TOA's Infrared Wireless Microphone Classroom System.

Studies show that classrooms that rely on voice lift systems produce better results for both students and teachers. Students learn and communicate more effectively, and behave better in classrooms because they can hear the teacher. The benefits for the teacher are a reduction in voice strain, easier classroom management, and fun and interactive lessons.

Recently, schools have started to make the switch from UHF technology to infrared technology. The Edmonton Catholic School Board is among this group. In the past, this school board has relied on many voice lift systems using VHF and UHF technology, including TOA Wireless Microphone Systems. These technologies rely on the 700MHz frequency bands, which can become crowded and over the past few years have been subject to government auction. Infrared technology works using infrared signals. There are many channels to work with, and because the infrared signal is contained inside a classroom, the schools belonging to the Edmonton Catholic School Board no longer have to share swamped frequency channels. Infrared technology also provides privacy and security for each classroom. 

The Edmonton Catholic School Board wanted a reliable voice lift system that allowed them to move away from the UHF technology. TOA's Infrared Classroom system was their ideal solution. Schools are able to have a IR Wireless Classroom Kit solution in each classroom. TOA’s Infrared Wireless Classroom System includes a ceiling-mounted wide-dispersion speaker (with integrated receiver and amplifier), an easily accessed desktop tuner and a pair of lightweight IR wireless microphones, one each for the teacher and students. The system is easy to install, fits into their budget and is incredibly easy for both the teachers and the students to use. 

As a long time user of classroom voice lift systems, the Edmonton Catholic School board knew they could rely on TOA's infrared technology. Over the past few years, the Edmonton Catholic School Board has been slowly integrating the system into their classrooms. The school board, schools, teachers and students are all happy with this system and can't believe how easy it is to use and how great the sound quality is. 

IR Wireless Classroom Kits


Learn More  about IR Wireless Classroom Systems.

Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys

Commission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, Montreal, QC

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Windsor Public Library

Windsor Park Public Library, Windsor, ON

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Image of Concordia U

Concordia University, Montréal, QC

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Image of UBC Okanagan

University of British Columbia-Okanagan, Kelowna, BC

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Image of OISE Library

OISE Library, Toronto, ON

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Image of conestoga

Conestoga College, Kitchener, ON

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Bleuets School Board

Bleuets School Board, Roberval, QC

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Listuguj School

Listuguj School, Pointe-a-la-Croix, QC

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Image of CDSL

Commission Scolaire des Laurentides, Ste-Adèle, QC

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Universite Concordia

Université Concordia, Montreal, ON

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u of guelph

University of Guelph, Gryphon Centre, Guelph, ON

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Image of ecole berndette

École Sainte-Bernadette, Moncton, NB

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University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, BC

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u of W fieldhouse

University of Windsor Fieldhouse, Windsor, ON

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willow park

Willow Park Elementary School, Leduc, AB

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Leo Hayes HS

Leo Hayes High Shcool, Fredericton, NB

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Image of draveur

Commission Scolaire des Draveurs, Gatineau, QC

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Image of scolaire montreal

Commission Scolaire de Montréal, Montréal, QC

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Edmonton, AB

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Edmonton, AB

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Seminaire de Sherbrooke

Seminaire de Sherbrooke, Sherbrook QC

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Innovative and New all-in-one IR Wireless Classroom Solution by TOA

Innovative and New all-in-one IR Wireless Classroom Solution by TOAInnovative and New all-in-one IR Wireless Classroom Solution by TOA

  • Intelligible speech transmitted by IR wireless microphone system helps boost the achievement of school children
  • IR integrated wide-dispersion speaker distributes uniform sound quality throughout the classroom
  • TOA's light-weight IR wireless microphones reduct the physical fatigue of teachers during classes

Infrared Wireless Mircophone System for Classrooms
To Contact TOA about recommended products and installations for Educational Facilities; click here.

Additional Education


Fanshawe College - 

 London, ON

 •Lillian Osbourne High School - Edmonton, AB

 •Université de Sherbrooke -  Sherbrooke, QC

School Classroom Learning Assistance by TOA

School Classroom Learning Assistance by TOA

Voice lift / classroom amplification is beneficial for both the teacher and the student. Having a classroom equipped with a voice lift system promotes learning by ensuring that the teacher and students can hear and understand the lesson. 

A teacher who uses a wireless microphone system reduces their vocal and personal stress, retains the students attention, suffers less classroom disruptions, and can promote a productive and fun learning environment. 

For the student, a classroom voice lift system makes the teacher easier to hear and understand due to higher speech volume, while voice clarity and intelligibility makes a lesson easier and more enjoyable to listen to. 

TOA has several product solutions for an amplified classroom system. Start with a compact mixer/amplifier, such as TOA’s BG‐M Series (BG‐2000 Series). This mixer/amplifier has five input channels and is ideal for background/ foreground music distribution, paging, and music/message‐on‐hold. Next choose your speaker. TOA recommends a wide‐dispersion ceiling speaker such as our F‐122C for full coverage sound or the H‐3 interior design speaker, which sounds great and blends into the design of the room.

To complete the system, choose either a UHF Wireless System or an Infrared Microphone System. 

TOA’s 5000 Series UHF Wireless Microphone System operates in the 506 - 538 and  576-607 MHz band with up to sixteen available channels. Transmitter options include the WM‐5270 or WM‐5265 condenser handheld, WM‐5325 lapel (with a selectable mic), WM‐4000H vocal headset and WM‐4000A aerobic headset. Each transmitter is powered by either a rechargeable battery or a single AA battery for ten hours of continuous operation. Receiver models include the WT‐5800 true diversity 64‐channel wireless tuner, WT‐5805 space diversity 64‐channel wireless tuner and the portable WT‐5810 space diversity 16‐channel wireless tuner. All 5000 Series receivers feature a frequency scanning function and transmitter battery status indicator.

TOA’s Infrared wireless microphone system uses infrared transmission, featuring unlimited channels per school. TOA has a specially designed Classroom System to meet the voice lift requirements within a classroom. The components of the IR Wireless microphone System consists of the IR‐820SP Infrared Wireless Speaker, IR‐802T 2‐Channel IR Tuner, the IR‐310M Hand‐Held or lapel IR Microphone Transmitter, the IR‐310BC Battery Charger, as well as the IR‐200BT‐2 Y Rechargeable NiMH Batteries. The kit also includes HY‐TB1 Support rails, WB‐802 Wall‐mount bracket for the tuner, CAT‐5E Cable, a 3ft 3.5mm Stereo Cable, and a 3ft RCA Stereo Cable.


Larry Mackiewich - Classroom Teacher - Grade 4

•             The system is extremely easy to use and NEVER have I had an issue with it working.  The ability to go into any
              TOA classroom and simply press a button and instantly have an amplified voice is AWESOME!!!!


Carla Taylor - Classroom Teacher - Grade 3

•             Easy to use system that reaches the needs of all students
•             Allows for easy movement among classrooms
•             Experienced no issues with the TOA system

 Stan Travnik - Assistant Principal

•             The TOA system is very easy to use, gives greats sound clarity.
•             Teachers use it daily and are very happy with the system. 
•             We use it in several area's including the library, classrooms and our foyer when we hold assemblies
•             We also have a portable system, "lightspeed" and we find that it is inferior to the TOA system in
              both sound quality, ease of use.
•             If we had to buy new voice amplification systems, we would choose TOA again.  Wonderful product.


Please note that every application is unique. Our system examples are for reference purposes only. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss your specific application requirements. sales@toacanda.com or 1-800-263-7639. 

For more information visit www.toacanada.com/markets-education.html

Solutions for Voice Lift - Using 5000 Series Products

Solutions for Voice Lift - Using IR Classroom System Products

Solutions for Voice Lift - Using IR-800 Series Products

School Classroom Learning Assistance by TOA [PDF]

Better Communications = Better Learning!

Better Communications = Better Learning!Better Communications = Better Learning

TOA Canada Corporation understands the value of a great education. Many Canadian educational facilities rely on TOA products including Universities, Colleges, Elementary and Secondary schools. TOA products can be found in classrooms (voice-lift), lecture halls, gymnasiums, cafeterias, building security, and more. TOA strives to promote learning and increase classroom teaching efficiency through products designed to ensure optimum communication between the teacher and student. School Security can be realized with TOA’s products to provide campus-wide security and monitoring, communications, broadcasting, emergency mass notification and evacuation, and more.

Wireless Microphones Ceiling Speakers Mixer/Amplifiers IP Intercom Impact Resistant Gymnasium Speakers Mass Notification Voice Evacuation

Solutions for Educational Environments Brochure

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