TOA Canada - Did you pack your DSP Suitcase?
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30-Nov-2010 10:30am

Did you pack your DSP Suitcase?

DSP Installation check list:

  1. DSP product? Download the latest software and firmware as enhancements and bug updates can occur in the time it takes for the product to arrive at your location. (a); or (b) Visit TOA Canada's Home Page and Select the Data Library
    Data Library
  1. Turn on any devices that require power and leave on for 24hrs. If possible, apply a signal and a load. This will help detect any damage caused by shipping.
  2. Take the time to load the software and become familiar with the operation of the hardware and software.
  3. Do you need help with the software? Please contact TOA’s Technical Support Department for assistance. We can often configure the software for you and send via email

Questions? Contact TOA’s Technical Support Department:
1-800-263-7639 or 905-564-3570

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