TOA Canada - Connecting the 9000M2 telephone paging module, ZP-001T
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27-Jan-2012 10:00am

Connecting the 9000M2 telephone paging module, ZP-001T

ZP-001T Telephone Paging ModuleThe ZP-001T allows phone paging up to 8 zones when installed into 9000M2 product. There are two methods of connecting to a clients phone system;

1. Paging Port
2. Ring Signal

Paging Port

This method will required an analog balanced line level output from the clients PBX phone system and one pair of dry contact closure to initiate the page. These connections are accomplished on the green phoenix connector of the ZP-001T.

ZP-001T Telephone Paging Module

The PBX must also be capable of passing DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency). The PBX provider may have to enable this feature. Using the Paging Port method is recommended as it will give the client the quickest access to a page.

Ring Signal

To use this method, a connection to an analog phone extension is required using the RJ-11 port.
ZP-001T Telephone Paging Module If you can connect a FAX machine or standard analog phone to the phone port used, this is the correct connection point. DTMF is also required for zone paging using this method so make sure that you can hear the tones from your phone connection. It will take approximately 2-1/2 rings for the 9000M2 to accept the request to page.


Connection to VoIP networks is possible if the phone provider supplies a network appliance that converts TC/IP to analog signals and contact closure as described above. This convertor device will emulate an analog paging port with contact closure or an analog phone extension. These convertors must also pass DTMF and will require their programming from the phone provider.


To access the page mode of the ZP-001T, simply dial the phone extension associated with paging. Listen for the confirmation tone from the 9000M2, then dial the zones required, announce your message and then select # to disconnect after paging.

Questions? Contact TOA’s Technical Support Department:
1-800-263-7639 or 905-564-3570

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