TOA Canada - 9000M2 Software & Firmware Update
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December 18, 2014

9000M2 Software

Please note that the software and firmware of 9000M2 Series Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers has been updated.

All new software and firmware are available on the TOA Data Library (link below).

Latest versions:

  • Firmware: 2.10 (older version is 2.00)
  • Setting Software: 2.10  (older version is 2.01) 

New firmware will be applied from January production "15A".

The schedule to change Setting Software (attached CD-ROM) at factory is not decided yet.

All setting files and configuration data have compatibilities in both directions (from 2.10 to 2.01, and from 2.01 to 2.10)

Bug fix of firmware

<AUTO Mode paging (When inserted ZP-001T)>

New version has no noise similar to pre-paging tone during AUTO Mode paging.

<Front panel setting of Paging mode (When inserted ZP-001T)>

New version can change the paging mode of ZP module by front panel operation.

Bug fix of PC setting software

<ON/OFF setting of EQ filter>

New version of PC software can surely activate / deactivate the EQ filter setting.



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