TOA Canada - Spotlight on Campus Communication
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Campus Communication

Spotlight on Campus Communication

Communication is becoming a very hot topic in the news lately. With an increasing need to communicate with multiple buildings, it is important to have a communication system that can deliver a message, quickly, effectively and to everyone in the building. University and College campuses often have many buildings covering a large geographic area. Often whole facility communication is non-existent because traditional analog audio systems are impractical to implement, with the facilities relying on the telephone system or e-mail. The telephone method requires multiple calls to deliver the message, which is time consuming and often not a practical form of communication in an emergency. An alternative form of communication is e-mail. Again, not practical and not an effective form of communication. Neither of these scenarios offer the sender confirmation that the intended audience received the message in a timely manner.

Article provided by TOA Canada Corporation's Technical Support Department.

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