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WB-2000-2 Y: Safety data sheet for chemical products (SDS)

Please note that the power supplies/AC Adapter (AD-5000-6, AD-5000-2) for the 5000 Series UHF Wireless Battery Chargers (BC-5000-12; BC-5000-6; BC-5000-2) are sold separately.

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Wireless Microphone Ordering Information

Model / Description 

E Band: 668 - 698 MHz
Part Number 
F Band: 636 - 668 MHz
Part Number  
G Band: 606 - 636 MHz
Part Number  
H Band: 576 - 606 MHz
Part Number 
WS-5225 - Handheld Condenser Kit WS-5225 E01US WS-5225 F01US WS-5225 G02US  WS-5225 H01US
WS-5265 - Handheld Dynamic Kit WS-5265 E01US WS-5265 F01US WS-5265 G02US  WS-5265 H01US
WS-5325U - Lavaliere (uni) Kit  WS-5325U E01US  WS-5325U F01US WS-5325U G02US WS-5325U H01US 
WS-5325M - Lavaliere (omni) Kit WS-5325M E01US WS-5325M F01US WS-5325M G02US WS-5325M H01US  
WS-5325H - Headworn (uni) Kit WS-5325H E01US  WS-5325H F01US WS-5325H G02US  WS-5325H H01US  
WT-5800 - Receiver WT-5800 E01US WT-5800 F01US  WT-5800 G02US  WT-5800 H01US 
WT-5805 - Receiver WT-5805 E01US  WT-5805 F01US  WT-5805 G02US  WT-5805 H01US 
WT-5810 - Receiver WT-5810 E01US WT-5810 F01US WT-5810 G02US  WT-5800 H01US
WT-4820 US - Receiver (add to WTU-4800)    
WTU-4800 - Receiver WTU-4800 E01 WTU-4800 F01 WTU-4800 G02 WTU-4800 H01
WM-5270 - Handheld Dynamic Mic. WM-5270 E01  WM-5270 F01  WM-5270 G02 WM-5270 H01 
WM-5265 - Handheld Dynamic Mic. WM-5265 E01  WM-5265 F01  WM-5265 G02   WM-5265 H01
WM-5225 - Handheld Electret Mic. WM-5225 E01  WM-5225 F01 WM-5225 G02 WM-5225 H01 
WM-5325 - Beltpack WM-5325 E01 WM-5325 F01 WM-5325 G02 WM-5325 H01