S4.10 Series UHF Wireless - Receiver


The Trantec S4.10-RXA desktop receiver is available on channel 38, or license free channel 70. Using diversity technology and phase-lock-look (PLL) quartz tuning, the user can manually select from any of the available sixteen channels, or search for an available frequency. Up to ten Trantec S4.10 systems can be used simultaneously, which allows use in education, theater, gym, and hotel sectors.


S4.10-RXA-AMRM3QU - Receiver

* 0 dB = 0.775 V

Diversity Reception Antenna Diversity
Sensitivity 10uV at 45 dBA S/N
Squelch Tone SQ, Carrier SQ, Noise SQ
Audio Frequency Response 50 - 15000Hz
Audio Output Level Balanced (XLR socket) : -16 dBu
Unbalanced (1/4" jack socket) : 10 dBu
Power Supply 11-18 VDC 300 mA
Dimensions 215(W) x 39(H) x 102(D)mm (excluding antenna and BNC)
Weight 480g