IF-480V Video Substation Interface Unit

The RS-480VSET consists of an intercom substation RS-480V, and a video substation interface unit IF-480V. The RS-480V is an intercom substation with a colour camera which is designed for indoor and outdoor use in combination with the IF-480V, the
N-8400RS substation interface unit. It requires only one CAT5 cable to connect between the RS-480V and the IF-480V.



*N-8400RS and IF-480V MUST be plugged into the same receptacle. It is
recommended that any additional video equipment (ie. Monitor/DVR be on this receptacle as well.


IF-480V Video Substation Interface Unit

Power Source Supplied AC adapter must be used 
Indicator Power LED (green), Lock LED (blue), Color LED (orange)
Connectors RJ45 (to RS-480V), Removable terminal block 4P (to N-8400RS),
BNC (Video out) x2
Finish Anodized aluminum, Black
Dimensions 4.13”(w) x 1.30”(h) x 5.00”(d) (105 x 33 x 127mm) *Not including
Weight 10.00 oz (285g)
Supplied Accessories AC adapter
Options Rack mount plate: MB-480V4 (up to four IF-480Vs are mountable in 1


IF-480V Rear

Note: RS-480 and IF-480 also sold separately