Q-N8540WP IP Door Station


The Q-N-8540WP is an IP door station employing packet audio technology. Connecting the Q-N8540WP to an IP network (LAN or WAN) permits hands-free conversation of high sound quality to be made between the Q-N-8540WP and the intercom station connected to the IP Intercom Exchange, or between the Q-N8540WP and an IP multifunctional master station. Besides , the Q-N8540WP can be used in conjunction with the Multi Interface units through a network. It is in full conformity with IP54 water-proof and dust-proof standards. The operating temperature range is -10°C to 50°C. As provided with guard nets inside to cover over the openings of microphone and speaker, the Q-N8540WP can be installed free from care in public space.



* 0 dB = 1 V

Power Source power supply device that complies with IEEE802.3af standard or 12 V DC (supplied from the AC adapter (option))
Power Consumption 4.2 W (at rated), 6 W (max.)
Speech Method Hands-free conversation
Audio Frequency Range 300 - 7,000 Hz
Hands-free Speaker: 3.5cm cone-type, 1W, 8 Ω
Microphone: Omni-directional electret condenser microphone
Contact Output Open collector output, withstand voltage: Max. 30 V DC, control current: Max. 50 mA, one shot: can be set from 1 to 9 s, scre terminal (polarized)
Network Section
Network I/F 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX (Audio-Negotiation)
Network protocol TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, HTTP, RTP, IGMP
Audio Packet Unicast, Multicast
Connector RJ45 connector (PoE compatible)
Voice Smapling Frequency 16 kHz, 8 kHz (controllable on the software
Quantifying Bit Number 16-bit
Voice Encoding Method Sub-band ADPCM, Cryptosystem
Voice Packet Loss Recovery Silence insertion
Audio Delay Time 80 ms, 320 ms (controllable on the software)
Installation Method Flush-mount/Surface-mount
Operating Temperature -10° to +50°C (14° to 122°F)
Operating Humidity Under 90% RH (no condensation)
Housing Protection BS EN62262: 2002: IK02 equivalent
Dust / Water Protection IP 54 (note that panel edges must be sealed at installation.)
Resistance to Environment Pass our gas corrosion test and neutral salt spray test
Finish Plate: Stainless steel (SUS304), hairline
Call button: Metal
Circuit board: Silicone sealing agent-coated board
Dimensions 115 (W) x 162 (H) x 55.1 (D) mm (4.53" x 6.38" x 2.17")
Weight 700g (1.54 lbs)
Accessory Box mounting screw (No. 6 - 32 UNC x 18)...4, Box mounting screw (M4 x 25)...4, Ferrite clamp...1
Applicable Box (Option) For flush mount: 3-gang electrical box or Back Box YC-150
For wll mount: Wall-mount Box YS-13A
* An AC adapter, when used as a power source, cannot be put in the YS-13A, YC-150 or a 3-gang electrical box together with teh Q-N8540WP because such boxes do not have enough room to accomodate both.