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  • Trantec UHF Wireless Microphone TOA Canada
TOA has recently added NEW accessory products.

PC-580SBT: Square 8" In-wall Speaker with Call Button

Q-HY-BC-28WTOA’s PC-580SBT is designed to work with N-8000 IP Intercom System as a station call button and speaker. 

• 8” square in-wall speaker for intercom applications (requires RS series station board: RS-142, RS-442, N-8640SB, etc.)
• Push-button for calling master station
• Unique “monocoque” design provides better structural integrity
• Hole drilled in baffle for mounting of microphone (supplied separately)




Q-HY-BC28W: White Surface Mount Back Can

Q-HY-BC-28WThe Q-HY-BC28W is a white surface-mount back can that can be attached to TOA’s F-2852C Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker. The Q-HY-BC28W will allow the use of TOA’s F-2852C ceiling speaker in a space where a common speaker/back can combinations will not fit due to depth considerations. This will allow you to surface mount the F-2852C. 





YP-1AF: Wall Plate

YP-1AFWall Plate for YM-1J, YM-3CF.





SO-MIX-T-24V: Remote Mixer, SO-MIX-PLATE: Wall Plate

  • Microphone and line level input
  • Two inputs, one balanced output
  • Individual volume control with joint bass and treble control
  • Automatic mix with selectable Talkover function. 30dB, Talkover time: 3 seconds.
  • Accessory: 2-Gang accessory wall plate: SO-MIX-PLATE