TOA Canada - A-5000 Series Software Update
  • BG-2480D Mixer Amplifier, BG Series, TOA, Amplifier
  • Trantec UHF Wireless Microphone TOA Canada
  • Dr. Sound, audio equipment, toa
  • Intercom system
A new version of Software for the A-5000 Series Digital Mixer Amplifier has been released. The software is now version 1.5. A-5000 Series Digital Mixer Amplifier
New features with this software include:
  • 10 band selectable DSP filters for output (HPF/LPF/PEQ selectable, 5 more filters) 
  • 15 selectable TOA Speaker EQ presets 
  • FBS (Feedback Suppressor) for input CH 1 & 2

Please ensure you download the new software.